ThriveOn Seminars: ThriveOn With Emotional Intelligence hosted by Tracey Atias Adams

ThriveOn with Emotional Intelligence is intended for powerful, successful women who want to THRIVE by practicing skills in self-awareness and emotional intelligence for personal transformation and well-being.

Your journey into the woods will help you to: 

  • increase your self-awareness for greater well-being; 
  • discover a more positive personal identity; 
  • deepen relationships at work and at home;
  • manage personal change effectively;
  • set clear boundaries for yourself and others; 
  • clearly articulate what you think, feel and want when it matters; and
  • practice new skills while building a supportive community.
I recently attended a retreat at this lovely place. It’s an excellent choice for a retreat of any kind. The area is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. I’d love to go back sometime soon. And, it’s only a short drive from Portland so it’s easy to get to. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
— Cindy Eastman
Heaven & Earth retreat center is the PERFECT place to hold a retreat or attend a retreat. I gave a retreat for emotional intelligence in the dead of winter, and although I was afraid my guests would not like the travel to the country, hands-down, the location was the best part of their experience. Ruthanne goes above and beyond to make your stay a memorable one. The food is unbelievable and healthy. The natural surroundings are the perfect environment for deep work - and FUN adventure. This will be a location we will come back to again and again!
— Tracey Atias Adams