Grand Opening Yoga Event guided by Jill Knouse

The most magnificent and spiritually delicious place to be! Ruthanne has so many gifts to share, her retreat center is lush and beautiful beyond words. A place to connect with Self and to experience peace.
— Sharon Bilberry Elwood
Mary Lou Williams has a quote: “live as though heaven is on earth.” That is how it feels to visit Heaven and Earth retreats. It’s a taste of heaven. The joy and sense of sanctuary my husband and I experienced when we came for our little staycation down in the glamping tent by the pond was amazing.. we got to connect apart from our busy lives and screens, on a deep and heartfelt level and that is how it feels every time I visit Ruthanne’s gorgeous, sprawling property. Even the drive out of Portland, through the windy roads and big trees is therapeutic. And Ruthanne’s sense of care and warmth and attention to detail is so apparent; it feels like every moment has been artfully crafted and yet there is luxurious space to just be yourself and breathe in the air and beauty. Take advantage and book a night or better yet a week at Heaven and Earth Retreats! You deserve it!
— Cassie Goodluck-Johnson