Our Story

Heaven and Earth Retreats inspiration is in it’s quiet beauty, born from my own personal journey of awakening.

A deep understanding that everything we need is within, if you just listen to the quiet beauty that is you.

Hi, I’m Ruthanne.


I'm a mom and a nurse. Two perfect worlds when fused together created my vision to provide a heart-centered, safe space for pause and breath.

I'm intensely passionate about the essential role food plays on our entire being. My 20 year transformational journey has been immensely fulfilling. Dismantling the myths and misinformation surrounding optimally fueling our bodies and brains. My battery is most charged when my whole food, nutrient dense creations light up others hearts.

It is my hope that Heaven and Earth Retreats helps guide your path towards a healthy and inspired life.

I look forward to partnering a community of wellness.

Abundant love,

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